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Banging Buffalo Fries

Need I say more.... the title says it all. These are definitely up in my top 3 fave dishes. Perfect for a night when you fancy a take out or some real comfort food.

What you'll need :

Makes 2 portions

- 2 Chicken fillets

- Smoked paprika

- Garlic granules

- Potatoes - 4 large (for chips)

- Cheddar

- Caesar dressing

- Blue cheese

- Franks hot sauce

How to make :


Chop chicken (remove scaldy bits) and coat in seasoned smash (I use smash with smoked paprika, salt and garlic granules).

Lay out in a baking tray and spray with spray oil. Cook for 20 mins turning and respraying halfway through. Alternatively add to air fryer for 15 -20mins respraying and shaking every 5-6 mins.


Clean/peel 4 large spuds. Slice into thick slices and chop into chips, pop in microwaveable bowl and zap in microwave for 8-10 mins just to soften up/par boil (don't add any extra water).

Pop in the airfryer/oven for 20 mins at 200 spraying and shaking every 5-6 mins until golden and crispy.

When chicken and chips are ready build your fries!!

First place the chips in some baking paper and add a sprinkle of cheddar. Toss the chicken in some Franks hot sauce until coated entirely and add to the chips. Drizzle over some hot sauce on top and also some Caesar dressing of choice.

Then crumble over some blue cheese .. add this back into the airfryer/oven for a few mins until Cheese has melted.

And that's it... Bleedin Masso.


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